The Foundry

"Forging Top-Notch Technique Since 2001"

Welcome to the Foundry. Thank you for checking out our school. We offer authentic and certified instruction in the fastest growing sport in the world: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We have two locations in Farmington and Rangeley, Maine and we are the oldest and most respected school teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Western Maine and have earned that reputation by providing:

1. A Supportive Learning Environment: At the Foundry, experienced instructors emphasize safety and teamwork while providing a friendly learning environment that nurtures growth.  High level instructor and advanced students are on-hand every night to help new students practice, improve, and master BJJ skills. 

2. Great Rates: At the Foundry, cost will never be a barrier to training Jiu Jitsu. Train 4 times a week for the low price of $78 dollars a month. (Farmington Location prices.) We also offer discounts to families. Contact us for more info.

3. Effective Technique: No other martial art offers the level of technical skill necessary for the smallest person to immobilize any aggressor regardless of size and strength. Come check out a class and see why!

The Foundry is home to men, women, teenagers, and children who gave BJJ a try and soon discovered it was totally FOR them! Whether you are looking for a great workout, to compete in local, statewide, or national competitions, learn self-defense, build confidence, or practice a disciplined and fast-growing sport, give us a call or stop by and check us out!

When you're Foundry, you're family.